How do I create a good video tip?
Video checklist
  • recorded in landscapem Querformat aufgenommen
  • max. 3 minutes long
  • good sound quality, without noise or music
  • personal opinion about the product is brought to the point
  • strengths and possible weaknesses are explained in a comprehensible way

A good video tip should be authentic, exciting, entertaining and informative. Be creative when creating your video. If you don't have the creativity, inspire yourself with the videos of our Tippster community. Views, likes and how long people watch your videos influence your profit rate.


Secure 100% commission

Spread your new video now in your community and increase your profit! Use the BestTipp-Link, then 100% of the commission stays with you!


Post the video to your feed, story or IGTV. Copy the BestTipp link clickable into your bio and into the swipe-up (from 10.000 followers possible). TIP: Create a story highlight!


Also upload the video to your Facebook account and post it as a post in your feed. Add your BestTip link and an appealing description to get more reach! TIP: Don't forget Facebook stories! You can also integrate the video there!


You're on Youtube, too? Perfect! Upload the video to your channel and inspire your followers. Add your clickable BestTip link to the video description.


Spread the video also directly by Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat etc. in your circle of friends. Always use your BestTip-Link!
Which link do I use to share my video tip?

The BestTipp link is automatically generated each time you create a video tip and is then listed in your profile under user data, you only need to copy and send it. Send the BestTipp link to your friends - via Whatsapp, e-mail, SMS, Messenger, Instagram Bio-Link or Twitter! This link guarantees that the sales generated will be 100% yours.

If many users watch your video tips on the brand page, this has a positive effect on your profit rate. Keep your videos exciting and informative and spread them well in your personal network so that they get as many views as possible.


With this link you can build your own Tippster network and improve your profit rate. If you advertise a new Tippster through your GetConnected link, it will receive a starting advantage of 1% bonus. This means he/she starts already at 11% profit rate (if e.g. 10% is considered as usual with a new registration) and the recruitment has a positive effect on your own profit rate.