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As a Tippster you have the responsibility to give honest and competent advice. You are a brand ambassador and give tips about the products of your favourite brands. It is also important to point out possible weaknesses of a product, only then can the user get a good picture and your favourite brand become even better. With the help of myTippster, you can build your own network and earn really good money with your Video-Tips.


Create Video-Tips

Create video tips of products from a brand you love and know best. Inspire other customers with your know-how and passion. Build your own community and communicate with like-minded people. Your Video-Tips will be displayed directly on the brand website after approval.


Put the product through its paces and record your experience in a Video-Tip.  Share your experience with the other users and explain in a nutshell what you like about the product. Create authentic, informative and entertaining videos and help other users with their purchase decisions.

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Tippster are brand ambassadors who provide authentic and exciting advice with their Video-Tips. Inspire other users and create your own community.
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Earn real good money

As a Tippster, you benefit from every purchase made through your Video-Tip. Your commission per purchase is determined by your individual Profit-Rate. You can increase and optimize this rate on your own.

Become an Ambassador

As a Tippster you are an important brand ambassador! Build your own fanbase, generate likes and plays for your Video-Tips and spread them on your social media channels. This will positively influence your profit rate,. Your commissions will increase and you become an important success factor in the marketing world of your brands.

Become a Tippster

As a Tippster you have the responsibility to advise users honestly and competently. It is therefore important that you know your brands and products and are likable and authentic

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How do I become a Tippster?

Register on our website as a Product-Tippster with all the important information.

After your registration you can immediately request your discount code for your favourite product. With your discount code you can order via the supplier or the brand and you are ready to create your Tippster video.

Find out more about the brand and the product, put it through its paces and create an entertaining, authentic and informative Video-Tip.

Become a Tippster

Business Solutions

myTippster offers you a new and innovative way to present your products through Video-Tips.

The Tippster brand ambassadors provide your customers with authentic and more experiencable advice directly on the brand website. With myTippster you are a pioneer in the field of product advice.


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